Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog's Day With the "Firsties"....

So, I survived another Groundhog's Day!!! I have to admit.....I do like this day:)  I like keeping up with "Punxsutawney Phil" every year!!! I got up early to watch it on the news....then once I got to school, I pulled it up to show the Firsties!!! Go HERE to check it out!

We did some Groundhog activities today....a BIG shout out goes to Christie at First Grade Fever for this adorable Groundhog's Day book that my kids REALLY loved today:)  .....GREAT review on our daily timeline also:) 

Then, we read an adorable Groundhog's Day book, Wake Up, Groundhog!!!
They REALLY liked this book!!! So cute:)

We also made use of an old Groundhog Puppet Pattern from a Teacher Created Book that I've had for years....except, this year, I wanted to do something different with it, so I used a NEW, handy little app that I purchased for my iPhone called Turbo Scan!!!  I LOVE this app....used it many times just this week!!!  Once I scanned the Groundhog Pattern, I was able to add Math Facts to it for a more "productive" tool besides working on fine motor skills with coloring and cutting:)  ***Disclaimer...I am not circulating this document...I just used it for my own class!!!  I also made a Math Mat Working Table to go along with it so that my Firsties could show their also joined the two pieces of the Groundhog Puppet together:)  They looked a little like this.....

Then.....we read another REALLY cute book.....I like that it brought in a little bit of TEXAS with the Armadillo:) The book is titled....Substitute Groundhog!

We played some fun online Groundhog Games that a fabulous blog called Technology Rocks. Seriously. blogged about:)  Thanks for that!!!

We also did a cute writing activity with a template pattern and writing prediction page from First Grade Blue Skies!!!!  Thanks for the great ideas and activities!!!

and a little closer look....

Okay....sorry for the length of this post....but to end it....DON'T laugh my little "crafty" blogger, clipart guru's!!!  I'm learning...OKAY?????  Here is my 1st little product....not much to look at, but I think he's cute:)

Mr. Groundhog by!!!
Leave me a comment if you can.....I would love to hear how your Groundhog Day went!!!


  1. Awww your Groundhogs are too cute. We read Substitute Groundhog too- love it! We know all about armadillos here in OK.

  2. Cute ideas! I hope your Groundhog's Day was as fun and adorable as it looks!


  3. Very cute groundhog activities! Love it! I'm following you now. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I'll be following you as well!

    Forever in First


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