Saturday, December 3, 2011

The BUSY Classroom Elf!

UPDATE on our classroom elf, Nicey!!! He has been very busy in our classroom taking good notes for Santa!  Take a look at all of the places he's found to watch my Firsties so far:)
High on the bookshelf....

Way up high on the windowsill....

Uh, Oh, Nicey got caught in our classroom snacks!!!
This was too kiddo's could not believe that Nicey did this!!!
Some of the comments were...
  • "He must have been HUNGRY!!!"
  • "I can't believe he stole our snack!"
  • "He's gonna get in trouble by Santa!"
  • " we can't go to writing center because if we accidentally touch him or knock him over, he'll lose his magic!"
We have also had a great time with Nicey this week during Writer's Workshop!!!  We've written about what reports that he has given to Santa so far, where we will find him watching the next day, etc.  He's been a great incentive for the kiddos to work hard and get along in class!!!
I have lots of ideas of how I will use our classroom Elf On The Shelf next week....can't wait to get creative:) We will be doing lots of interactive activities at the Elf On The Shelf site!!! Check it fun:)  Can't wait to show my Firsties Monday the email that we got from Santa from that site. Merry Christmas...and be looking for updates to my classroom elf, Nicey:)


  1. So cute Sheri! I have been loving your new blog design. Come check out the giveaway on my blog. My friend makes the cutest teacher shirts and has one that says "1st Grade Rocks" made me think of your blog! =)


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