Thursday, May 24, 2012

Camp Out Reading...

Today was "Camp Out" Reading for my firsties. They loved it:)  We did a lot of reading are some pics of how it looked.
Flashlight Reading
Table Tents

While we read, we listened to Campfire Sounds on YouTube.

We had a sweet mom that brought us special cookies for snack and later in the day we made S'MORES!!!! YUMMY!!! They were a big hit!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A little 1st Grade Beach, Camp-Out and Lounging Around with a FREEBIE

So….it’s the end of the year and my classroom has EXACTLY 4 ½ days left of school!!!!  Yippee, Hooray, WAHOO!!!!  (How’s that for Voice ????)

In an effort to promote Summer Reading so that my FIRSTIES do not regress too much with their reading during the summer months, my first grade team and I are having a three day “Kick-Off” to Summer Reading this week.  The firsties are very excited about it.  Today is our “BEACH” day and the kids brought sunglasses, a beach towel and they wore flip flops.  We had parents bring juice boxes, fruit, ice cream and popsicles for our snacks while we were Beach Reading!!! We took our towels, sunglasses and flip flops outside with our books and had some Beach Reading!!!  In the classroom, we listened to peaceful ocean wave instrumentals while we finished out our Writer’s Workshop writing. What a FUN READING DAY!!!!! Here are some pics from our first Summer reading day!
Summer Reading "Beach" Style

This is not exactly considered beach shoes, but I thought it was too cute!!!
We are looking forward to tomorrow and Friday!!! Tomorrow is “Camp-Out” Day and we will bring a flashlight and pillow.  We are having S’MORES for a snack and I am truly more excited about that than my firsties are!!!J  On Friday, we will be reading in a “Lounging Around” style.  The kids will bring a blanket, pillow and teddy bear. We will have cookies and milk as our snack…..and watch a classic “couch cartoon” in the afternoon!!! Looking forward to ending our week in a COMFY way!!J

I have attached my Writer’s Workshop  papers for each day HERE.  Please click the link to get your copy!!! Leave me a “ROCKIN’” note and let me know how you kick off your summer reading!!
Beach Style Word Bank
Beach Style Journal Paper
(Get all three sets.) Beach Style, Camp-Out Style and Lounging Around Style.

Come on Summer!!! I’m ready!!!


S.U.M.M.E.R.!!!!!!!!!!! :)