Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Be careful what you ask for......

Be careful what you ask for.....
You just may be surprised....
When two "Firsties" on the group time rug....
A scheme they had devised!!!

I asked for their attention,
"Quit playing on the back row!"...
"Don't you know it's Calendar Time???"
But the excitement they couldn't forego!!!

My teacher voice softly said,
While walking toward their space...
"Hand it over please...my 'Firsties"
Ugh....I should've known by the look on their FACE!!!

While thinking that I was taking 
a mere trinket from their grasp,
Suddenly, it moved....
"Is it real???" I GASPED!!"

"YES" the class exclaimed...
Much to my surprise!!!
Shocked was my reaction,
I chunked him to his demise...or so I thought!!!!

He scurried among the "Firsties"...
Fast as he could go!
He thought he had an exit plan...
but they didn't let him go!!!

He was safely put in his bug catcher cage...
While they observed his every move!
The "Firsties" gave him the name Fernis....
...and, I think that he approved!
Okay, so YES....this is a true story and this is how I started my morning this morning at school!!!! Gotta LOVE memories like this:)

Leave a comment and let me know about what "Firstie" stories you have to share!!


  1. How cute!! I suspect such things as this will happen during my first year of teaching. I am preparing myself. However, you can't prepare for everything!! ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. WOW! What a way to start your day...and you are quite a poet! When I student taught I made a big paper mache egg and "pretented" this huge dinosaur (a big lizard I borrowed from the pet store) hatched out of it. You should have seen their faces!! Gotta love me some first graders!! They get excited about everything!!

  3. Haha...that is funny:) Yes...it was quite a day in Room 21:) Gotta love Firsties!!! Thanks for the comment....I love reading them!!
    1st GRADE ROCKS!!!


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