Monday, April 9, 2012

Company for lunch.....

Just sitting enjoying some "Firstie" Company for lunch today!!!  This week I am busy DRA testing and with no assistance in the classroom for me to pull my students out one on one to test them, I decided to get creative!!!! It's amazing what Firsties will do for a little treat....they didn't know that they would get to each lunch in the room with the teacher while watching a little animal movie!! Boy, were they excited!!  It has been a nice, quiet lunch....all I am hearing is a little wrapper rattling and giggles at the animal movie playing on the smart board:)  Oh, and by the way,...the animal movie fits right into our plants and animals theme for the week!!! They can use what they've learned from the film in their writing and science centers!

Wondering what all of my creative "Bloggy Teacher" friends use to keep their students on task during testing periods.....leave me a "Rockin" note....I love finding new ways to Keep Calm & Teach On!!!!


  1. :) Well, bribary goes a long way! LOL...I offer an extra star on their incentive pads, points towards a "lunch with Teacher" coupon, and I give students sugar free hard candy to suck on! :)

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  2. Hi Sherri!
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  3. Yeah... first graders can sure be though to keep focused. We had to do standardized testing one year with our little first graders and it was torture.

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