Sunday, October 31, 2010

"1st" Blog Post

Welcome to my first "1st Grade Blog" post!!!  For some time, I have "blogged" as a form of expression and in hopes of keeping a family journal.  I love doing it and it allows me to reflect on my life, which is never a bad thing!!!  But....I've have wanted to start a "school/teacher" blog also in hopes of sharing ideas with other teachers.  Teaching is a wonderful profession that gets at times, a bad wrap!  If you are a teacher that teaches because you are passionate about the education of children and you want to get ideas from other passionate teachers, then you are in the right place!!!  Only positive comments about teaching will be represented here! In fact, my goal is to share ideas and activities...not ideological views on teaching!  The best way to teach children is from your heart...and my heart has been in it since I was in the 1st grade!!!  Thank you Mrs. Palmer for fostering the desire in me!!!

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